Minister's welcome note


The Zanzibar Revolutionary Government on 23rd September 1964, just eight months after the January 12, 1964 Zanzibar Revolution, declared education free for all Zanzibaris. This came in the wake of decades of the denial of education to the majority of the people..

The denial was a deliberate strategy of the oppressors to keep low the people and deny them the benefits of education that would have led to the realization of their aspirations and freedom from the yoke of colonialism and oppression.

The Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, recognizing the value and meaning of education embarked on short and long term plans to access quality education to the majority of our people irrespective of their races, religions or gender. We saw the swelling of children school enrolment, field up with explosion of construction and expansion of schools and classrooms.

The course of education development in Zanzibar has been meritorious and today we are proud of the progress so far achieved that has stem the opening of three universities, a number of technical institutes, vocational training centres and numerous growth of nursery, primary and secondary schools.

The launching of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Web-site will greatly help to provide useful of information on this development.