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Alternative Learning and Adult Education



Department of Alternative Learning and Adult Education DALAE is among of 12 departments of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Zanzibar. The department is established in 1978 as the result of fulfilling the protocol of Adult Education in the country, Tanzania. This came after the Educational leaders from various countries held in Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1976. The Department is administered by the Director and Management Committee, four divisions, and three sub-sections as they mentioned in the department structure.

Main Objective

The main objective of establishing this department is to implement the aim of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar providing opportunity to people of the Isles those by anyway missed education by the year 2013.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, the department has erected the following objectives:-

  • To polish the ignorance/ illiteracy among Zanzibar people those by anyway missed the opportunity of education in their childhood.
  • To provide alternative Education those dropped out school and who never enrolled.
  • To provide the continuing Education to the pupils and people those have interested in it.
  • Providing entrepreneurship Skills and small business to graduates and youths who have completed their formal Education
  • To empower women in economic so that they can afford their needs

Continuing Education and Women Programs Division

The Division has its Coordinator who is responsible for the following areas:-

  • All services those were administered by the sections under this Division.
  • To advise the Director of DALAE concerning both professional and amateur made by the Division.
  • Preparing and implement the continuing education and women's programs.
  • Safeguard the women groups and the centres which deal with continuing education and women's programs in the Isles.
  • Prepares and write the reports of the Division.

Department Coordination- Pemba

The Division is managed by the Coordinator of the DALAE -Pemba who with other responsibilities, entitled with all DALAE activities for Pemba. The coordinator always be the member of the Executive Committee and is responsible to the Director of DALAE.

Writing monthly, quarterly, and yearly and other reports for the DALAE.

The Coordinator of the Alternative Learning and Adult Education - Pemba is also the member of Education and Vocational Training Management Committee to Pemba which lead by the Officer In charge for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (WEMA).

Section of Personnel and Administrative

This Section is administered by the Officer of Personnel and Administrative who is also the member of the Executive Committee of DALAE and responsible for the followings:

  • Manages the Administrative Section in the Department
  • To help the Director for the sake of all Administrative activities, prepare and implement the Development projects.
  • The Officer is also can be the Secretary of the Executive Committee of DALAE and responsible directly to the Director.

Section of Office Supervisor

This section is managed by the Office Supervisor - OS who is the leader of all staffs. He/she always conduct all types of internal and external office communication and premises security.

Section of Accountancy

The section is managed by the Chief Accountant of DALAE who with other activities he deals with the followings:

  • Preparing annual budget and follow the implementation of financial and banking activities.
  • Also deals with financial activities, debit and credit, security, payment and references for the DALAE.

Section of Literacy and Library Services

  • This Section is dealing with the matters of Alternative Learning and Adult Education in urban and the villages from whole the Isles. The Section is managed by both the districts Coordinators and Chief Statistics of DALAE.
  • Innovate and manage the technical ways of Literacy learning including curriculum development, examinations, learning materials, and other tools for literacy teaching.
  • Establish new and improve the existing libraries and distribute books and other learning materials in these libraries.
  • Put in order way and preserve the references i.e newspapers, newsletters, reports and researches as well as to prepare the reports.

Section of Media Education

There is Media Education Officer who manages the Section and entitled to conduct the followings:

  • To organize, prepare and publish the programmes of Radio and Television and Adult education features in Zanzibar Leo Newspaper respectively.
  • To be the secretary of special Committee of the Ministry dealing with the Educational programmes in the media outlets.

Section of Curriculums, Researches, Evaluation and Statistics

There is the Officer of Literacy Curriculums development, Researches, Evaluation and Statistics who cooperates with the Department of Curriculums Development, Examinations and Vocational Training.

Section of Literacy and Statistics

This Section is lead by the Literacy and Statistics Officer who leads the districts Coordinators of Adult Education and Chief Statistics of DALAE to implement their duties.

Section of Alternative Learning

This section is managed by the Head of Centre of Alternative Learning, Rahaleo whose work is to prepare and lead the establishment campaign of new Alternative Learning and Life Skills Centres as well as to find out markets for their products.

Section of Continuing Education:

Continuing Education Officer of DALAE deals with the establishment, implementation and improvement of literacy and continuing centres in public offices for the cooperation with the concerned institutions.

Deals with the students' registration, collecting fees and statistics from continuing centres.

Section of Women Programs

Women Development Programs Officer leads and conducts all programs and creates development projects for women

To prepare and provide training for the existing and established projects also to follow the women centres.

With these listed sections also there are sub-sections which are lead by Assistances Officers of Sections while every one has the duty of his/her section.


For implement its activities, the department also continues with the daily work as described in its concerned sections as well as the occasional jobs.

Among the activities which the DALAE implements every year as follow:-

  • Commemoration of Adult Education Week which is occasionally held from 1st to 8th September every year.
  • Conducting the National Literacy Examinations which can be held by the first week of November every year. The Examinations are being done for all Literates of all stages, the first to fourth stages.
  • Training for Home economics, Carpentry, Literacy, Alternative Learning Teachers and Districts' Coordinators.
  • Forum and workshops on Alternative Learning and Adult Education to Stakeholders.
  • Conducting and implement NECTA, NABE and VETA Examinations which held every year.