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Department of Teachers Education



Teacher Education Department was established in 2006 from the Department of Curriculum and Examination and Teacher Education. The major role of this department is to coordinate, provide and promote professional services to both pre- and on-service teachers. The director is assisted by three head of divisions, two of them head of division for teacher education and national teacher resource centre are based in Unguja and the head of division for Pemba office coordination is the department leader in Pemba.

Roles and Responsibilities

To achieve the target of having qualified and competent teachers who will provide quality teaching/learning this department has to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • To supervise the development and sustainability of teacher training and other related fields in TTCs.
  • Develop in-service training programs and supervise the delivery of the training.
  • Coordinate and deliver teacher development programs on current teacher education issues.
  • Coordinate and supervise the development of Teachers' Centers (TCs)
  • Advise the MoEVT on the changes in teachers training due to policy of education reforms.
  • Inform and advise the Ministry of Education on teacher education standards.
  • Cooperate and network with other Ministry of Education Departments for the purpose of promoting education in Zanzibar.


Teacher Training: Initial teacher training is delivered in three Teacher Training Collages (TTCs), one in Unguja - Muslim Teachers Training Collage and two in Pemba - Benjamin Mkapa and Kiuyu Muslim Teacher Training Collage. The collages currently offer Diploma in Primary Education and Diploma in Secondary Education.
There were 2618 students (male 628 & female 1990) enrolled in 2009/2010. Among them 56 students were taking certificate in Inclusive Education, 1264 were Diploma in Primary Education, 1354 were Diploma in Secondary Education. About 785 students (male 251 & female 534) graduated in those training collages.

Teacher In-Service Training: In-service training for teachers is institutionalized to take place at the Teachers' Centers. There are eleven Teachers' Centers in Zanzibar (six in Unguja and five in Pemba) which are coordinated by National Teacher Resource Centre. They are nationally coordinated by the National TC coordinator stationed at the National Teacher Resource Centre (NTRC) and locally by the zonal coordinator responsible for the overall running of TC. There is a TC Management Committee (TCMC) formed by the head teachers of zonal schools who support and advise the daily operation of TCs.

In addition, there are four subject advisors for sciences and mathematics, social sciences, language (English and Kiswahili), and religious studies and Arabic language. The subject advisors roles are to plan and conduct in-service workshops and seminars to the teachers with in their cluster schools. They are also responsible for supporting teachers through classroom observations.

The names of the TCs, their location are shown in the table below:


TC Tame

School Total

Geographical Location
















North Unguja

North 'A'




South Unguja





South Unguja





South Pemba





South Pemba





North Pemba





North Pemba










South Pemba


Distance Education teacher training: Training of teachers through distance mode is a strategy developed by MoEVT in 1996 to improve the quality of primary school education through training of unqualified/untrained primary school teachers. The main focus is to upgrade primary school teachers employed with out any initial teacher training course and those with Grade IIIB certificate. The teachers are upgraded academically up to 'O' level and professionally to Grade IIIA certificate. About 780 teachers have graduated grade IIIA certificate using this mode.

Teacher Education Division

Teacher Education Division has four sections:

  1. In-service teacher training.
  2. Teacher Training Colleges.
  3. Distance education.
  4. Information Communication and Technology.

The division has the following roles:

  • Coordinate and develop upgrading programs for teachers.
  • Coordinate and supervise development and promotion of teacher professional development at the TCs
  • Coordinate teacher in-service training on current changes on subject content, pedagogy and teaching/learning resources
  • Supervise the development of teacher training through distance mode.
  • Coordinate and supervise information and communication technology activities.
  • Coordinate leadership and management training for head teachers and deputy heads.
  • Advise the department of Teacher Education on the best ways of delivering teacher training programs at the TTCs and TCs.

Roles of each Section

Each section has a number of roles to perform in reaching the quality teaching.

In-service Teacher Training

This section has the following roles:

  • Coordinate and supervise teachers' in-service trainings
  • Coordinate, design and supervise leadership and management training to head teachers and deputy heads, TC coordinators and subject advisors.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress and achievements of teacher professional learning in schools.

Teachers' Trainings College

  • Design and supervise tutors professional development when required.
  • Collect the existing data for teacher training collages tutors and students.
  • Visit the TTCs to observe teachers, students and training delivery; laboratory and libraries then advise the department.
  • Monitor the enrollment of the new students and their entry qualification.
  • Evaluate TTCs progress frequently and prepare a quarterly and yearly report.

Distance Education

This section performs the following main roles:

  • Promote and upgrade academic levels of unqualified primary school teachers.
  • Offer grade 3A professional teacher training to untrained teachers.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT):

  • Supervise all computer works, maintenance and computer training.
  • Ensure sustainable and better use of ICT equipments at the department, TCs and TTCs.
  • Cooperate with in-service training officer, plan and deliver training on the use of computer and other communication equipments.
  • Advise and provide support on use, care and maintenance of the ICT equipments.
  • Keep records and data of all trainings offered.

Nationaal Teachers Resource Center Division

This division has only one section - TC coordination section

Roles of National Teachers' Resource Center Division

  • Supervise the TCs and NTRC development.
  • Keep records of all NTRC activities.
  • Evaluate TCs performance and development.
  • Cooperate with other head of divisions to ensure that planned teachers training and development objectives are accomplished and sustained.
  • Do visits to mobilize all education stakeholders including NGOs, CBOs, TCs staff, teachers and parents to contribute in education development.

Teachers' Centers Coordination Section

This section coordinates all TCs activities. It has the following roles:

  • Coordinate all TCs development activities and keep up to date records.
  • Work closely with TC coordinators and TCMC the management of the TCs.
  • Mobilize teachers and students to provide financial contribution to support TC development activities
  • Cooperate with in-service training officer to plan training for teachers and other staff.
  • Cooperate with other education development stakeholders in developing the TCs.
  • Visit the TCs frequently for the purpose of supervising, evaluating and providing guide lines to improve the TCs activities.
  • Advise the NTRC head of division on sustainable strategies for managing and leading the TCs.
  • Hold TC coordinators meeting in every two months to get feedback and plan for the implementation of the responsibilities.
  • Collect data and write quarterly and yearly TCs performance

Pemba Office Coordination Division

This division has the following sections which perform the same roles as those in Unguja:

  1. Teachers' centers coordination
  2. In-service teacher training
  3. Teacher Training Colleges
  4. Distance education
  5. Information Communication and Technology

Pemba Office Coordination Division roles

  • Coordinate all Teacher Education Department activities in Pemba.
  • Advise Education Officer in Charge Pemba on all matters concerning teacher training.
  • Supervise all department programs in Pemba.
  • Supervise all TCs and TTCs teacher training activities.
  • Keep all teachers training data for Pemba.
  • Inform and advise the director for teacher education and officer in charge on the progress of teacher training and development in Pemba
  • Prepare progress on all teacher training and development in Pemba.

Important Activities performed up to June 2010

  • Thirty teachers (including teachers and school heads) received training on the use of internet from 19/02/10 - 18/03/10.
  • Forty one District and Regional Education Officers (Unguja 25 & Pemba 16) were trained on basic computer use from 10/08/09 - 24/10/09.
  • Eleven officers from different MoEVT sections were trained on trouble shooting program to be able to do maintenance of the computers in their offices.
  • Three hundred secondary science and mathematics teachers (171 Unguja & 129 Pemba) received upgrading course as part of the Zanzibar Basic Education Improvement Program funded by the World Bank. The course started from 06/03/2010 - 29/05/2010 in all 9 TCs.
  • On 18/05 - 19/05/2010 the department run a two days workshop to 20 Form 1 and Form 2 physics teachers (12 Unguja and 08 Pemba). The main objective was to help the teachers to use physics micro-science kits. This workshop was supported by UNESCO.
  • On January 2010, Distance Education section did a survey in Unguja and Pemba to identify primary school untrained teachers and those completed grade IIIB. The results were as follows:
  • There are 263 teachers (141 male & 122 female) with Grade IIIB certificate.
  • There are 372 teachers (83 male & 289 female) still untrained.
  • On 04/02/2010 the department inaugurated teacher training course through distance in all 09 TCs. About 699 teachers (124 Male & 575 female) were enrolled to start the training. The number also includes teachers from community and public nursery schools for the purpose of meeting the demands of the new education policy in Zanzibar.