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Department of ICT in Education



The Department of Information and Communication Technology in Education is the new department in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Zanzibar established on 2010/2011. This department deals with all aspects concerning ICT in Education from the offices, schools, Teaching colleges and all the Universities which are under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training - Zanzibar.

The establishment of this department is among the implementation of the education policy of 2006 which explain clearly that, the ICT will be employed from primary school to the Universities. The ICT policy in the education which is still in the draft step insists need of starting this ICT department in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

On other side, the establishment of this department gives the Ministry a reliable tool of administering ICT related projects. For instance, The MoEVT currently running TZ 21st Century of Basic education in Tanzania which concern to improve the usage of ICT in the lower primary school from STD I to STD IV in all schools of Unguja and Pemba.

We thank our Government (SMZ) and the Ministry of Education for this initiatives, because the investigation shows that if the ICT is used effectively, it quicken the problem solving and increases the productivity. It is our believes that ICT in Education will enhance the Education Quality in Zanzibar.

Structure of ICT Department in Education

The ICT department consists of four divisions as follows:

  1. E-Learning Division
  2. Technical Division
  3. Administrative Division
  4. ICT in education - Pemba Office

Responsibilities analysis of each division

The following is the responsibilities analysis of each division:

  • E-Learning Division

    This Division deals with training the ICT usage to the employees of the ministry of education in each department, sections, schools and teaching colleges and libraries. Therefore the division will plan and operate different training of ICT which will help the improvement of work in the Ministry, improve the way of teaching in all level of education with the help of ICT, for example the program of RISE (Radio Instruction for Strengthening Education), libraries and decrease limitation of text book in all fields.

    The division will also plan seminars and training of short and long period. The purpose of long period is to verify the ICT is used in all areas of work such as in communication, making decision, studying and teaching in all levels of education (from schools to Universities).

    The intention of having the department via this division is to see all the administrations of the ministry together with the managers of each sections get the knowledge of computers and ICT in order to facilitate the accomplishment of their daily works. In doing this will be able to go together with the growth of the ICT knowledge and be able to face different challenges of the improvement of technology which goes in the high speed.

  • Technical Division

    This division deals with planning, maintaining and troubleshooting all ICT devices of the ministry and all its institutions like its offices, schools and universities. This division is also supposed to have a special plan of doing services to each tool for examples to do services every three to four months in a year, this will help in keeping our tools in good condition which will be able to work for a long period.

    The works of this division have been divided in four sections as follows:

    1. Networking maintenance and troubleshooting
    2. Documentation and website administration
    3. Information Resource management centre

    Roles of each Section

    Networking maintenance and troubleshooting

    This section deals with maintaining and troubleshooting the ICT tools (hardware and software), therefore is responsible in monitoring technical know how, and monitoring the network administration of the ministry which will connect all the departments, teaching centers, schools and teaching colleges/universities.

    Documentation and website administration

    This section deals with documentation and publishing information via emails and website of the ministry, therefore this section is responsible in monitoring and operating works related to the website of the ministry (www.moe-z.go.tz) including entering new information (updated information) and remove old ones (outdated information) and be able to solve unexpected problems in time that can be occurred in website so that the website will be available and accessible all the time. Each department is responsible to choose a person who will plan the work of the department or divisions that will be used in the website of WEMA.

    Information Resource management centre

    Information Resource management centers are the centers that will be initialized in teaching centers (TCs), its main duties is to help the problem of ICT in schools and teaching colleges. Instead of reporting problems in the main office they should be reported in this department. If the division will fail to solve the problem the department will follow.

  • System Analysis and Development Division

    This division will be responsible with creating, planning, preparing and monitoring different programs of computers in order to improve the work in the ministry via ICT. The division will also deals with analyzing all systems that are used in the departments and divisions and propose the new systems that will increase the efficiency in their works (System Analysis and Design). For example the division will analyze the examination system that deal with analyzing the examination results of form 2 and std 7, and preparing the new system that will plan all the operations of higher educations for instance to know the students that are in the universities, their course and durations (i.e when they will finish their course)

    This division will also be responsible to manage all databases that are running in the ministry and updating and preparing the report.

  • Administrative Division

    This division consists of three sections:

    1. Accounting
    2. Planning
    3. OS

    The division will deal with different information of the department.

    Roles of each Section

    Accounting Section

    The section of accounting will be responsible with the keeping and storing of income and expenditure and deals with all the works concerning financial.

    Planning Section

    This section will deal with all the planning works like budget planning, MTEF, speech of the budget of the ministry relate to our department. This section will also help all planning works in each division or section that are in this department.

    OS Section

    This section is responsible in storing different information of all works of operating the department like storing the attendance of employees, all cleaning works of offices of the department, drivers, guardians, secretaries, attendants and all the works that related to OS.

  • ICT Office Pemba

    This division is the department link of the operations that are done in education in Pemba island for instance to provide the knowledge of ICT, maintenance and troubleshooting of the ICT devices, EMIS operations, website, and facilitating internal communication between offices, department in low cost.