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Chief Inspectorate



Department of inspection Zanzibar is headed by a director who is also a chief inspector. The director is assisted by Coordinators one in Unguja and one in Pemba. Each coordinator is working in collaboration with heads of the nursery, primary and secondary sections . They are responsible for inspectors and other staff affairs, and advising the director on the matters related to the implementation of the responsibilities of the department as a whole.

Apart from having different subject inspectors at different educational levels, our department also haves an office superintendent, for more information.

Roles and Responsibilities

These include:

  1. Inspections of all educational institution regularly and compiling appropriate reports on those inspections.
  2. Evaluate school development
  3. Advising the Ministry of Education on the trends obtaining in the schools in areas of Curriculum delivery and evaluation, teaching and learning materials, leadership, pre and in-service training of teachers, dropouts, enrolment, staffing, gender, discipline and overall development.

Day to Day Activities

  1. Inspection of both government and private schools as stipulated by the Ministry of Education. These include basic inspection, registration inspection, follow up inspection, visit inspection, special inspection and courtesy inspection.
  2. Monitor the provision, handling and use of various teaching and learning resources in order to inform the Ministry of Education about the actual development of education in Zanzibar.
  3. To monitor the quality of education provided in schools. The department through inspectors monitor the process of teaching and learning inside and outside classrooms.

Important Events

After the department of inspection collecting various information of our schools from inspections, it was found that the head teachers are unable to monitor their school effectively. The department in collaboration with different educational specialists managed to write two Training manuals for the head teachers.

They are:

  1. Educational leadership and school management. (The course manual for head teachers)
  2. Department of inspectorate (A Training manual for head teachers).
  3. In addition, the Department of Inspectorate in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and vocational Training Zanzibar and internal and external development partners managed to conduct a 5 days Training seminars on Educational leadership and school management for head teachers, TC Coordinators and TC subject advisers, through Teacher Centres (TC).