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Education Objectives


The vision and mission of education will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:

(i) Expand Access and Equity - Strategies

  • Expanding access to twelve years of quality basic education to all starting from pre-school up to the end of secondary (ordinary level).
  • Facilitating access to life long learning whether through the traditional channel of education and training or through work based learning.
  • Providing equal opportunities for education especially to vulnerable groups such as people with special educational needs.

(ii) Improve the quality and effectiveness of education system - Strategies

  • Raising the quality of education so that the learners will be able to develop their own skills and realize their potential as citizens.
  • Improving education and training of teachers so that their knowledge and skills respond both to the changes and expectations in society and to the diverse students needs.
  • Providing learners with relevant skills required for life.

(iii) Ensure access to ICT for teachers, students and education staff - Strategies

  • Providing all teachers with skills in the use of internet and multimedia resources as an important teaching and learning tool.
  • Equipping students with computer knowledge and skills.
  • Providing work places with computers that could be used in supporting quality and efficiency of education system.

(iv) Develop scientific and technological competence - Strategies

  • Expanding access to technical and vocational education in scope and geographical coverage to meet the needs of individuals and society.
  • Popularization of science and mathematics to schools and society in general.

(v) Expand Tertiary Education - Strategies

  • Transforming the Zanzibar society into a human capital able to meet the challenges of the changing environment.

(vi) Promote Good Governance of Education - Strategies

  • Devolving power and responsibility to lower organs.
  • Developing a cadre of effective and committed education managers and staff.
  • Expanding private and public partnership.

(vii) Provide a safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning

  • Combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Create a conducive, safe and child friendly school environment that is free from discrimination, abuse and harassment.

(viii) Make the best and efficient use of resources

  • Optimising personnel utilization.
  • Ensuring adequate funding of non salary operational targeted on instructional materials and teacher professional development.
  • Implementing cost recovery strategies.