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Statement of UNICEF, GPE Coordinating Agency

Zanzibar Education Sector Development Planning Workshop 8-12th August, 2016

Statement of UNICEF, GPE Coordinating Agency                        9th August, 2016

Guest of Honor, Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Haroun A. Suleiman

Honorable, Minister of Education and Vocational Training

Principal Secretary, Deputy Principal Secretaries, Directors, MOEVT

Development Partners, Educational Institutions, CSOs, ladies and gentlemen

As Coordinating Agency for the Global Partnership for Education in Zanzibar and on behalf of DPs, UNICEF is honored to have been invited to make a short statement and participate in this important workshop to develop Zanzibar’s new Education Sector Development Plan. This education planning is particularly timely when globally, the new SDGs have been launched for implementation. Within the UN, UNDAP 2 has been recently approved based on the situation analysis and the evaluation findings of UNDAP 1. The WB Programme, Zanzibar Improving Student Prospects in Basic Education has been approved. The USAID Tusome pa Moja Programme has also been approved, based on the findings of the national EGRA/EGMA Assessments. The GPE programme has been extended to 2017. Several other partners are either developing new strategies or have launched them. Zanzibar has recently completed the development of the Successor Strategy, MKUZA III - 2016/2017-2020/2021.  The Strategy seeks to achieve economic and social transformation for the wellbeing of all.

This Successor Strategy, has several outcomes, key among which are the following three:   

  • B1. Increased employability through skills development of youth, women, men and people living with disabilities in both rural and urban areas
  • B2. Enhanced entrepreneurial capacity of youth, women, men and people living with disabilities for generating meaningful self-employment opportunities
  • C4. Enhanced prevention of and response to violence against women and children

These outcomes cannot be achieved without the outcome on:

  • C2. Inclusive and equitable access to quality education and skills training to enhance human capacity for sustaining national development

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