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Honourable Second Vice President of Zanzibar,

Honourable Ministers and Deputy Ministers;

Honourable Regional Commissioners and District Commissioners,

Representatives of International Organisations and Civil Society Organisations,

Principal Secretaries and Deputy Principal Secretaries,

Directors and Head of Units of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training,

Education Officers and Members of Education Boards,

Head Teachers, Teachers and Students

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assalam aleikum,

All praise to Allah for keeping us in good health and enable us to participate in this workshop.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to be part of this very important occasion that marks a key milestone in the development of education in Zanzibar. I wish on Behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, to welcome you all to this Education Sector Development Plan Workshop held at Zanzibar Beach Resort. I am very grateful to you Honourable Second Vice President, Represented by Honourable Haroun Ali Suleiman, Minister of State, President Office, Constitution and legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance for taking time off from your busy schedule to officiate the opening of this important workshop. Your acceptance to officiate this workshop is a clear testimony to the importance you attach to the development of education in Zanzibar

Guest of Honour,

Let me also take this opportunity to thank all participants and invited guests for accepting our invitation to participate in this workshop for preparation of Education Sector Development Plan. I appreciate the fact that the individuals gathered in this room collectively reflect a wealth of experience in support of future development of education in our country and thereby contributing to our Government goal of providing equitable access to quality education to all. I also wish to register my gratitude to the Organising Team and other stakeholders for their efforts of preparation and contributing to make this event a success.

Guest of Honour,

Let me also on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and on my own behalf greatly appreciate the support we have received from the key stakeholders. Some of them accepted our request to provide financial support for this exercise and I would particularly I would like to convey our thanks and gratitude to World Bank, Global Partnership for Education, Sida, UNICEF, Milele Zanzibar Foundation and Aga Khan Madrasa Early Childhood Education Programme, Zanzibar and many others.

Guest of Honour,

My duty this morning is to invite you to officially deliver a keynote speech. Before welcoming you and by your permission, I wish to say few words concerning this workshop.

The Government of United Republic of Tanzania including the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar are signatory to various Global commitments such as Education for All, Millennium Development Goals and of recently Sustainable Development Goals. The Zanzibar Education Development Programme for the year 2007 to 2016 which has now expired was developed based on the challenges identifies in Vision 2020, MKUZA I and II and Zanzibar Education Policy 2006. It was implemented through coordinated action plan, within the context of economic and social and political pillars of our economy.

We have made immense strides over the past decade especially in expanding access to education, science and technology to all. Also, we have achieved gender parity on access to basic education. However, more need to be done and as a results my Ministry and its stakeholders have assembly here today for the process of developing new education sector plan addressing the persisting micro economic and socio economic challenges facing our country.

Dear Guest of Honour,

I wish to assure the participants of my Ministry ´s commitments of fulfilling our obligation to meet the Sustainable Development Goal and its seven targets which read "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning ". I call upon all stakeholders to collaborate with my Ministry in the planning process as well as in the implementation.

Dear Guest of Honour,

After those few remarks, I wish to invite you guest of honour to deliver a keynote speech and officially open the workshop.

Welcome Guest of Honour.