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Department of Administration & Personnel



Department of administration and personnel is the most crucial organ amongst those departments found in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and it pretend as the Head quarter of the whole Ministry. Description of responsibilities of the department is a necessary issue where facilitation of Ministerial duties and responsibilities depend on that department.

Top executives of the Ministry including Minister, deputy Minister, Principal secretary, Deputy secretary, and commissioner are found in this department and the remaining workers for instance; teachers depend on this department as the last place to end their problems, department of Administration acts as a High court; employees find for their rights, thus, all associated services and resources should be allocated first to this Department for distribution.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Department

Department of Administration and Personnel attains various jobs and responsibilities accompanied with Ministry, thus it contains a major role to the employees performance as the first junction from the top most of the Ministry of Education and vocational training to the lower levels of the subordinates. Unless it functions properly don't expect success in any position; because it is a heart of the Ministry.

From the above descriptions the departments duties and responsibilities would be as follows:-

  • To prepare personnel emoluments and human resource requirements in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Ministry.
  • Creates a conducive environment that enable to retain and develop the employees.
  • Keeping an office records up-to-date.
  • Ensure the smooth operations of scheme of service.
  • To take disciplinary actions for the workers who go beyond /against rules and regulations.
  • Prepares training programs (short and long term) for the employees.
  • Oversee the employees' returns, enrollments, with ZSSF, pensions and other benefits.
  • Identifying employees performance gapes after the Open Performance Review Appraisal (OPRAS).
  • Helps and gives advise to the principal secretary on the issues of personnel and administration.
  • Manage preparation of the Nominal roll
  • Stand for the good relation between the Ministry of Education and Vocational training and other organs within and out side the country.

Divisions of the Department

Department of Administration and Personnel consists of three divisions as follows:-

  1. Division of Administration,
  2. Division of Personnel and
  3. Division of Coordination - (Pemba coordination division).

Division of Administration:

The followings are the divisions' duties:-

  • Preparation of both monthly and annual departments' reports
  • Preparation of budget speech for the department of administration and personnel
  • Coordinating on the managers transports and employees' at all
  • Find for the permits to the external experts who shall be employed.
  • Is the responsible for the whole motorcycles means of transport

Division of Personnel:

This division of Personnel in the Ministry of Education has the following responsibilities:

  • Dealing with personnel recruitment when given permission from the Zanzibar Civil service Department.
  • Ensure the smooth operations of scheme of service.
  • Provides permission letters to the employees leaving the job, retiring, maternity leaves, etc.
  • Prepare a Nominal roll of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Zanzibar.
  • Oversee the employees' returns, enrollments, with ZSSF, pensions and other benefits.

Division of coordination - Pemba coordination division:

It coordinates those interventions being operated in Pemba in relation to Unguja Headquarter by the department concerns; including both monthly and annually reports. Mean while, as a member; the head of division attends management committees' meetings being held in Pemba. Not only that, but also, department coordinator will attend a committees' meetings of the department of administration and personnel being held when he/she is in Unguja. Also, the division participates to the additional work with an authorization of the officer in charge of Pemba.

In addition to that, divisions flow under sections. Those sections work hand to hand to facilitate departments' duties and responsibilities so as to accomplish a department goals; such sections are as follows:-

  • Administration section - Unguja
  • Personnel section - Unguja
  • Recruitment section - Unguja
  • Establishment section - Unguja
  • Registration section - Unguja
  • Data base section - Unguja
  • Administration section - Pemba
  • Personnel section - Pemba
  • Establishment section - Pemba

Departments' responsibilities

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training; Department of Administration and Personnel has the following responsibilities:-

  1. To manage an administrative issues and functions within the department and Ministry at all.
  2. Take care on Ministerial resources preventive regulations.
  3. Provides helps and advice to the Principal Secretary on the issues of administration and Personnel.
  4. Is the monitor on recruitment activity within the Ministry of Education of Zanzibar.
  5. Manages provision of rights, responsibilities and opportunities to the employees.
  6. Facilitates demand of Human resource and needs for the human resources.
  7. Creates an attractive working environment as to retain and develop the employees.
  8. Measures the relationship between the motivation and performance.

Responsibilities of the administration section

The followings are the responsibilities of administrative section:-

  1. Monitoring on employees' attendance
  2. Functioning on division and secure cares of employee's accommodation and Protocol.
  3. Facilitating the receiving and provision of files and letters of the educational stake holders
  4. Signatory for administrative issues on behalf of the Principal Secretary
  5. Stands as Secretary in the management committees' meetings.

Responsibilities of Personnel section

The following with the proceeded in the department part are responsibilities of the personnel section:-

  1. Participates in preparation of (Nominal Roll) of the Ministry
  2. Keeping records on salary registers, and vouchers.
  3. Coordinating the provision of employees' rights; including increments, leaves and other benefits.
  4. Administering and facilitating works being operated within the section.
  5. Operates other functions and duties authorized by the Director of the department.

Every day performing duties

  1. During May2010 department performed an employees' salary corrections with collaboration of the Department of Civil Service and Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of Zanzibar.
  2. Consolidated a teachers' salaries together with teaching allowances
  3. Filled a permanent contracts to 141 teachers on June 2010.