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Department of Policy, Planning and Research



The basic function of the Department of Policy and Planning is to draw up strategies for meeting Zanzibar's educational aspirations and needs, taking into account the resource situation, and to deploy financial and physical resources to sustain and develop the education system. The exercise of this function involves the Department in:

Coordinating the programmes and plans of the Ministry's various Departments to form an integrated programme of education development for Zanzibar.

Preparing programmes and projects for educational development in Zanzibar:

  1. As a framework for effective implementation of government policy
  2. As a mechanism for attracting external funding.

Drawing up the education budget, deploying and regulating expenditure.

Serving as a co-ordination point for seeking and negotiating funds from abroad; for maintaining a register of external assistance received; and for the use of external assistance funds and technical assistance.

Managing the Ministry's physical development programme for building, repairing and maintaining school facilities, and for equipping them.